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I like to think of people the best and communicating with them, I try to notice good traits in a person. I like to help my friends and create the atmosphere of fun around us, making people feel at ease and relaxed with me.

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A devoted, compassionate person who will do her best to make you smile when you frown or sad about something. The two souls together are certainly better than a lonely one I do believe that the two people will certainly get over all hardship and problems if they love, respect, value each other and always ready to listen to, hug, comfort and support their beloved ones.I appreciate patience, faithfulness and tolerance in the relationship. Every morning I wake up with a smile and positive attitude towards the day. I also like my specialty and work.

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Besides I like to be active and am fond of hiking, picnics, traveling to places in a good company and go in for sports athletics, tennis, like to watch gymnastics very much. Besides, I enjoy various indoor activities: cooking, baking cakes and pies, reading ladies magazines. I sew and knit with much pleasure. There is a universal number of traits everyone is looking for in their soul partners. I dont think I will be original in this respect. Yet I can say what traits in a man are especially important for me and Id love to see them in the person whod become my soul-partner: complaisant, mild, kind, generous, cheerful, big hearted and witty.